поселок Металлист


The crystals grown by HDSM have near-net shape to flat windows which allows production of high quality rectangular and round windows  with diameter ≥ 200 mm at minimum waste and machining time during processing.  Another important advantage of the HDSM is possibility of growing crystals of any given crystallographic orientation of the basis (large) surface: C-plane, A-plane, r-plane, M-plane and possibility to produce single crystals of laser elements such as yttrium-aluminum garnet (YAG) dopped by different elements.

We offer different modes of cooperation to the interested companies, in particular: 

• Realization of the production and/or R&D project (corresponding business proposal is ready).

• Transfer of the technology, including supply of the equipment.

RAW material

Klakona systems s.r.o. offers a transfer of ready-made fully operational technology of obtaining high purity alumina.

The developed technological platform in a flexible & efficient way can be applied for purification, densification & spheroidization of various powdery materials of different nature (simple & complex oxides, carbides, metals, etc.). The products are characterized by high loose density, spheroidization factor & purity indices. The platform can also be applied for synthesis of new materials & obtaining nano- & superfine powders.

We are ready to provide potential customers with trial batches of densified alumina. Range of the products includes:

- Ingots (a basic material of a crucible layout). Maximal possible diameter of an ingot is 220mm, height 300 mm.

- Crushed ingots of any size (auxiliary material of a crucible layout).

- Microbeads (an auxiliary material of a crucible layout).


Microspheres (micro beads)